Happy Lobster Truck

Month: November 2016

Customer of the Week: November 4


Welcome to another edition of our Customer of the Week program.  Each week, we will highlight one of our regular customers, and that person will get their next meal free at the truck (who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch?).  So how do you become Customer of the Week? It’s a fairly simple three step process:

  1. You love lobster
  2. You love The Happy Lobster
  3. You’re awesome (which is sort of a bi-product of the first two steps)

Happy eating!


Cheers to our newest Customer of the Week, Louis!

Now, most people love our lobster grilled cheese (because cheese and lobster), but Louis might just be the mayor of Lobster Grilled Cheeseville.  Yes, that’s a town we just made up, get over it or you won’t be invited to visit. How much does he love our lobster grilled cheese?  Well, consider that we told him he was going to be Customer of the Week and all we needed was his picture, and he couldn’t even wait until after it was taken to dig in.  In all honesty, we’re surprised this doesn’t happen more often.  Louis’s next goal is to get us to follow him back on Twitter.  Keep working, man, it might happen someday.

Cheers, Louis, your next lobster grilled cheese is on the house!